Saturday, March 25, 2017

More Traveling and Fun Times Ahead!

Wow, it's been a busy Spring!  We have driven from coast to coast and a little more in between.  We started at Road to California as I chatted about in the last post.  Then in February we made the trip out to Hampton, VA for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival.  It was another great show with beautiful quilts to see and many fun vendors to check out!  I met some of my OnLine buddies from the east and it was great to visit with them!  The customers were good to us and enjoyed shopping and laughing along with us as we got to know them.  Something fun about vending at quilt shows is getting to know your customers a little bit as they come back each day.  It's lots of fun!  We had our daughter Melanie along with us.  She had not experienced a busy show with us before so it was pretty fun for her!

Here she is getting ready for the show on opening day.  We loved having our "techie" daughter along to give us a few suggestions for how to keep organized in a technological way.  LOL, she did teach us old foggies a few things!   And below is my hubs who is always ready with a smile!  I love having my family help out.  We have a good time together!

Next was the Dallas Quilters Guild show.  Another good time there this year!  

We brought our neice Haley along with us.  We loved having her with us!  She learned a lot about quilting and caught on quickly to be able to help the customers in the booth with ease.  

Just look at the crowd of happy ladies shopping and excited to be at the show!  Look at the aisle how crowded.  This Dallas show is always lots of fun.  It's great seeing some familiar faces each year!

 Next stop was a teaching day at the Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe in Wiley, TX.  These ladies were fun to get to know.  These are the owners and an employee who stopped by to say hello at the 
Dallas Show.  If you see anything new that you like we have new kits on the website if you click HERE!

Their shop is pretty cute!  Here's a few pictures to see.  Through the arched doorway is a wonderful workshop area with big tables and lots of light!  We had a good day at the workshop.  If you are ever in Wylie, check out their shop!!

This is a shot of Dallas at Night.  We love driving through Dallas at night time.  (Unless the traffic is bad that is!)  They have quite a light show on the downtown buildings.  It's a good thing my hubs does the driving or I would be distracted.  This is just a's quite pretty to see!

Before we headed home we stopped by the Moda Warehouse to pick up some nice fabrics to make quilts and kits from for all of you quilters!  It's quite fun to walk in the door and see these beautiful quilts hanging.  What a beautiful layout this would be for a home someday to show off quilts nicely!

On the way home we visited the middle daughter in KC and she showed us around her office at Cerner.  Her job is to plan entertainment and events for the employees.  The new building has some very cool things in it and she was proud to show us some highlights of what she's been working on the past months.  Here are some highlights!

The building is designed to look like DNA since the company is medically oriented.

She helped plan a game room for employees to take a few minutes to stimulate their minds while on breaks.

Nintendo art on the walls to go along with the game room theme...

A beautiful Library or quiet room for deep concentration while working...
And who doesn't have fun in these spinning top like chairs!  Look at the big Smile on my  cute daughter's face!  Brings a smile to everyone's face while getting the brain cells going for good work!  I think I'd love to work in this place!  Just think of the cool quilts we could create if we stimulated our brains in short bursts throughout the day!  (I think we do that when we work with colors and all our fun tools and gadgets while we quilt!)

Once we got home I quick started a quilt for my new grandson who will be born any time now!  His room is painted light grey and the happy parents have chosen mint green and yellow for the decor accents.  So of course the quilt is done in those colors.  The green and yellow also works out good for his daddy as he works at John Deere!  I looked for JD tractor fabric, but could not find any.  It's on my list now! The little giraffe and elephant design on the quilt were borrowed from the artwork she is using in the room.  My daughter posted this pic on FB and I got a kick out of a few comments mentioning how interesting it was to put the quilt on the wall.  It comes natural for us to think of hanging a quilt on a wall vs. just using it as a quilt is normally used!  Around my house, we use them just as much on the walls as on the beds!  

It blends into the wall a bit in this picture, but shows up well when you are standing in front of it.

I can't wait to hold him in my arms....
Isn't she a radient Mother to Be?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Hello Everyone!

It's been a month since we started 2017 and I do hope all of you are doing well!  Of course I can't believe it is February already!  Life is busy for me these days planning a wedding, getting ready for our first grandson and trying to get a few quilts done here and there.

I'll be doing the flowers for my daughter's wedding and we've chosen some beautiful artificial flowers to work with and soon I'll begin the bouquets.  Fun fun!  I'm trying to get these done sooner rather than later to make sure they are ready in time for the wedding.  I want to have time to enjoy making them as well as enjoy the new little bundle of joy on his way this spring!

His quilt has been planned in my mind and I need to gather a few more fabrics before I begin.  I'll be jumping into something modern for his little baby quilt.  Grey and Aqua...something new for me, but I have an idea to begin with... 😊

As I most likely mentioned about this time last year, my hubs has joined me in my business.  I was swamped and needed help!  Timing was great for him to join in as my CEO.  He describes this position as the Carry Everything In guy...  Haha!  But he does so much more to keep this business growing and functioning.  I could NOT do it without him and we are still best friends forever and get along wonderfully.  I am so grateful.  ❤️💕❤

We've just returned from the Road To California show and it was quite an experience.  We had to leave early to miss the big ice storm and spent a few days in Sedona.  What a beautiful place!  Here we are as we left the resort.  The picture does not do the view justice.  So peaceful.    Sorry for the dorky photo...we are terrible selfie takers and it resorts to us laughing hysterically every time we try it!  Oh well, practice makes perfect...eventually!  Ha!

The resort had crafts available for guests and I painted my scarf.  Super fun and I would love to do it again!  If you look closely you can tell it's inspired by Pennies In My Garden!

What an outstanding quilt show Road To CA was.  The quality of each quilt was so exquisite.  I'll share a few photos of some of my favorite quilts that were on display.  First is my quilting friend's quilt.  Julee Prose designed this quilt herself and it is so stunning!  She hand quilted it and it is all hand applique'd.  There are many symbols in the quilt having to do with the bible and our amed forces in the US.  A very special quilt indeed!

This Raggedy Ann quilt was so cute.  Very large and very well done!  

And lastly, this grouping of portrait quilts were just stunning.  Perfectly done.  I'm sorry I didn't take a photo of all of the makers of these. quilts to give them credit.   

Vending was also an experience.  We all enjoyed visiting and talking quilts with the shoppers as usual!  It was nice to meet some ladies from Blogland, FB and Instagram.   Being in the tent was a bit chilly at times, but was a fun and different way to vend at a show.  Can't wait till next year and will hope to leave the rain for another weekend!  Haha!  Here's a few pics of the booth!

 You will notice a new quilt in the center of the booth called Bunchberry Blooms.  It was chosen to be on the cover of the current issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine.  I was tickled pink to see this!  I thank my quilty friend Marcia J. for her help with the machine appliqué.  I was planning on sewing by hand and she offered her machine appliqué expertise to help me finish faster.  So kind of her to help me out!  I prepared the applique shapes using my notions The Starch Brush, Fingertip Stiletto and Premium Freezer Paper.  A great way to prepare applique' with precise results!  Making a quilt this way is super easy and relaxing.

Of course we have the magazine and quilt kits on the website ready to go if you NEED one of these items!!  Click HERE and have fun shopping!  We've also added kits to the website for most of the quilts you see in the pictures below.

I have a new pattern called Primitive Baltimore Wool Applique.  It's a small one so it's an easy project to finish!  You can find the pattern or a Kit (with Free Pattern on my website!)  Click HERE

My oldest daughter with Baby On Board!  What a good helper while we vend.  I'm so happy she enjoys it!  Many of you may have met her in the booth.  She's a sweetheart!

Next up is the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest in Hampton, VA.  Hope to see some of you there!  Please come say hello!

Thanks for stopping in!  Blogging is so much more time consuming than FB and Instagram posts.  Please find me and follow on these other social medias for seeing posts a little more often.  It's so much easier and quicker.  I'll still post here when I can!
Take Care,