Gardens Of A King Help, Tips & Links

Let me know if you have any questions and I will address them here with photos and explanations!  Write me at for help

Click HERE for the link to the summary of hints to make The Gardens Of A King. See below...
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I will be updating this page occasionally to add tips for making the quilt. The new tips will be added to the top. Keep scrolling down to see the older tips. Let me know if you have question!!

***I have a closed group on Face Book titled 
Stitch Along With Missie- Gardens Of A King.  
Type this exactly as you see it in the search bar of FB and request to join the group.  It is required that you have the pattern so after you request to join look for a message from me to confirm.  The tutorials are very specific to the quilt.  
  • Block 1 has 5 points that come together to create one large point of intersection.  Many other blocks have 3 or more points coming together to make one large point of intersection.  The pictures below will help you understand how to pull them all together to create a nice sharp point.
    At the time this photo above was taken, all of the points had been sewn together and this is the first stitch when sewing the last point onto the group.  The first picture shows the first stitch when sewing the last point piece onto the group of pieces.  The tan fabric is stitched to the blue fabric. 
    The second photo shows the next stitch I want you to take.  The outer two tan points are grabbed by the needle with a tight stitch just outside of the points that are already stitched together. 
    The last photo in this help section shows how nice and sharp the point is when you take that extra stitch pulling the outer two pieces together.  In Block 1 take this extra stitch as you put all of the point pieces together and you will have nice sharp points as shown below!




  1. Thank You Missy for having this page. I will use it and ask questions via email. Just starting to pick out fabrics, going with a modern version. I love bright and cheerful colors.

  2. Is this a specific pattern ? If so , who sells it?

    1. Hi Betsy! I don't think I saw this comment as its been a very busy few weeks! This is my pattern and it is available on my website at Thanks for asking!